Anna Banana

L'underground à la loupe
Installation, 3 unsynchronized projections, 992 still images, silent, 2018
Artexte, Montreal, 2018

Following a research residency at Artexte and working with periodicals from the 1960s to the 1980s in the collection, the exhibition explores the space between zine, art magazine, activist and niche publications, that are hand-made or almost, independent and with a can-do attitude. The images projected are not reproductions from these publications, but close-ups of fragments of pages.

List of publications used: Allez chier (Montreal, QC), Artichoke (Calgary, AB), Beaux-Arts (Montreal, QC), Body Politic (Toronto, ON), Box of Water (San Francisco, CA), Centerfold (Calgary, AB), DAVINCI (Montreal, QC), Fanzini (Brooklyn, NY), FILE (Toronto, ON), Fine Art Press, FLUXUS Magazine (New York, NY), Gasp (Montreal, QC), Heresies (New York, NY), Homogenius (Toronto, ON), Intervention (Quebec, QC), Issue (Vancouver, BC), K. (Vancouver, BC), Last Issue (Calgary, AB), Le Sabord (Trois-Rivieres, QC), Lubie (Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, QC), Midcontinental (Winnipeg, MB), NEX (Montreal, QC), OVUL (Ottawa, ON), Papers (Chicago, IL), Parachute (Peterborough, ON), Salmon Hut (Toronto, ON), Sous le manteau (Montreal, QC), Spinning Off (Los Angeles, CA), Spirale (Montreal, QC), Splinter (Toronto, ON), Stammer (London, ON), Stamp Axe (Montreal, QC), Steak haché (Montreal, QC), STRIKE (Toronto, ON), sub-TERRAIN (Vancouver, BC), The Act (New York, NY), Vanguard (Vancouver, BC), Vehicule (Montreal, QC), vicarious THILL, Vice Versa (Montreal, QC), Virus (Montreal, QC), Xero (Montreal, QC).

Image source: Booster Clevellini, in Banana, Anna; Scott, Michael; Kelly, Bernard et al. A Book About VILE: Mail Art & Photos from the Eternal Network, Vancouver, BC: Banana Productions, 1983, p. 36.

Text by Sarah Watson.

Exhibition views by Paul Litherland.