Notre histoire

Our History  

On est toujours le folklore de quelqu'un d'autre   Michel Tremblay

"Canadians are history's couch potatoes"  Mordecai Richler

Notre histoire || Our History
Mixed-media installation, 2014.
Exhibitions views, Galerie de l'UQAM, Montreal, 2014.
Photos: Louis-Phillipe Cote.

Notre histoire || Our History is a pair of mock national museums with a single (emergency) exit. Each museum is dedicated to the presentation of respectively Canadian and Quebecois history and culture, and facetiously addresses how museums consciously or unwittingly reinforce national beliefs and behaviours. The museums offer an alternative, whimsical and tongue-in-cheek understanding of the two conflicted national narratives. Both museums mirror each other without being literally symmetrical - the Canadian museum being pristine and slightly lacking in content, while the Quebec one looks like a talkative - yet unfinished - dusty museum filled with too many artefacts and narratives.

A publication documenting the survey that initiated the project accompanies the exhibition.

Notre histoire

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Notre histoire

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Our History


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