De deux choses l'une
Installation, painted words and black ribbon, variable dimensions, 1996

De deux choses l'une is based on well known couplets - two words usually associated with each other joined by and (Adam & Eve, Smith & Wesson, Marx & Engels, stars & stripes, black & white). Each 'couplet' has been divided between the two walls so that the first part of the couplet (Adam, Smith, Marx,) is on one wall while the other (Eve, Wesson, Engels,) is on the opposing wall. Organized in an alphabetical order on both walls each couplet is re-joined by a black ribbon. In effect, the black ribbon becomes an extension of the writing itself. The interlacing ribbons become like a web which fills up the entire gallery space. The viewer is unable to pass between the ribbons and is forced to stay outside.

Le Grand Wazoo, Amiens/F, 1996 (curated by Anne Desplanques)