Expect The World
Video, 8 mn 20, 1999
Produced in collaboration with Icono (Paris)

Conceived for a screening in the Stalingrad metro station in Paris, the tape remixes items from the daily papers, around its two major poles : money (quotations from ads in The New York Times) and death (images found in Libération, Die Tageszeitung, Der Spiegel, La republicca).

Video Lounge Mobile, artprocess, Paris, 2005
Les Rencontres cinema et video, Nice/F, 2004
58 films cash, Musee d'art contemporain, Marseille, 2001 (curated by Videochroniques)
Public Inventions and Interventions, Temporary Services, Chicago, 2000 (curated by Brett Bloom)
6e Videogrammes, Marseille, 2000
Visions Underground, Stalingrad metro station, Paris, 1999 (curated by Icono, Paris and Champ Libre, Montreal)