Homo Oeconomicus (défilé)
Video projection, 8 mn in loop, 2000
Original soundtrack : Anders Mansson & Krako

Using footage shot in crowded and fast-moving commuting sites, this video explores the daily pressure of economy on men and women as they move through public spaces irrevocably associated with work.

Passages en ville, Festival Photo & Video, Biarritz/F, 2006 (curated by Aline Pujo)
Rabu Video Club, ruangrupa, Jakarta, 2002
Centre de cultura contemporania / Eme3, Barcelona, 2001 (curated by Katrin Korfmann)
Hamburger Kammerkunstverein, Hamburg, 2001
Festival internacional de musica contemporanea, Bogota, 2001 (with Anders Mansson)
Park 4DTV, Amsterdam, 2001
W 139, Amsterdam, 2000 (curated by Jean Bernard Koeman)
Stanley-Picker Gallery, Kingston-upon-Thames/UK, 2000 (curated by Charles Ryder)