istiklal allee


Istiklal Allee
11 posts with 2 x 7 street signs each,
Heinestrasse, Vienna, 2006

Since its creation in 1850, the currently named Heinestrasse has changed name 6 times, reflecting political changes. Since 1945, it's been constantly named Heinestrasse and it's time to catch up with tradition and re-name it again. Istiklal Allee is the new name for the upcoming 60 years - a reference to Istanbul's modern, vibrant, and mythic street - the ultimate public space. After 2066, the name may be changed again.

Commissioned by Public Art Vienna for Geschichte(n) vor Ort, Vienna public space, 2006 (curated by Roland Schöny, Margarethe Makovec and Michal Kolecek).  Produced by 17&4 Consulting Ltd, Vienna.
After the 6 weeks of the planned exhibition, the City of Vienna, though the commissioner, was unwilling to keep the signs up for the proposed duration of 60 years. The 11 posts have therefore been removed end of July 2006, and the history of the street is back in the soothing doldrums of amnesia.