Vertical video monitor and 10 mn videotape in loop, board with 44 keys, variable dimensions, 1994

 A mover carries on his back a board of keys throughout Paris. The sound of the keys hitting the wood, repeated for each step, provides the tempo of this odd and aimless walk.

Collection Fonds national d'art contemporain, Paris
Videoszene Paris, Konstruirte Wirklichkeit,Kunsthalle, Basel/CH, 1999 (curated by Christa Ziegler)
Kunstmuseum des Kantons Thurgau, Warth/CH, 1999
Werf, Utrecht/NL, 2000
Une histoire de circonstances, Le Lieu, Lorient/F, 1998 (curated by Anne Durez)
Comment raser un donjon qui dérange ?, A l'Ecart, Montreuil7f, 1994 (curated by Jean-Francois Guillon, Veronique Boudier & Pierre Ardouvin)