Domaine Lilium
Novel (French)
Éditions Hédliotrope, Montreal
242 pages, 13 x 18 cm, 2023

“ Dan Katz, historien de l’architecture montréalais, se rend à Drancy pour étudier la Cité de la Muette, qui fut tour à tour habitat social moderne, camp d’internement sous l’occupation nazie, caserne de gendarmes puis HLM. Lorsqu’il découvre que ses grand-parents y ont été enfermés et torturés avant d’être envoyés à Auschwitz, ses recherches prennent un tour plus sombre, autrement plus personnel. Car si Henri Cannac, le gardien responsable des sévices, est décédé depuis longtemps, son petit-fils, candidat du Parti de la France, a hérité de ses opinions politiques, à l’extrême droite du spectre. Katz, s’improvisant espion et justicier, se met en tête de le traquer et de lui faire payer les crimes de son aïeul. À mesure qu’il s’en approche, Katz met au jour les plans du politicien, bien plus funestes qu’il ne l’aurait cru, et qui semblent impliquer des intérêts fonciers au Québec. Katz s’enfonce alors dans une quête dangereuse qui le mènera de la Bretagne à la Gaspésie. Un roman noir étonnant et habile qui interroge les notions de culpabilité et de réparation.” Back cover text.


Canadiana Remix (Dummy)
Research report
344 pages, 14 x 18 cm, 2019

Canadiana Remix is the outcome of Blum’s research residency in 2017 at the Canadian Photography Institute, National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa. He produced a re-reading of the Canadian stereotype and pioneer spirit by mining the National Film Board Still Photography Division archive hosted at the museum. The NFB Still Photography Division, mandated by the federal government, commissioned many photographers to provide a portrait of Canadian society from the 1940s to the 1970s.

This dummy can be seen as a visual research report, in which contents have been assembled as to provide a completely different narrative, more in line with today’s Zeitgeist. While the NFB Still Photography Division celebrated modernity, progress, and the great Canadian landscapes, we are left today with with many questions and an environmental disaster.

This dummy is not for commercial use but for documentation purposes only.

All rights reserved.


Oranienstraße. Ausgrabungen. Eine Verschronik
KLAK Verlag, Berlin
150 pages, 13 x 21 cm, 2019
In German

A chronicle in verse of an ordinary building in Berlin-Kreuzberg from the mid-19th century until now, combining different narratives: the social-political background of the neighbourhood, protest culture, the housing situation, an architectural perspective on the building, intertwined with the story of a family who lived there and their descendants throughout the world and the 20th Century. More here in German KLAK Verlag

Tinderbox City. Great and Less Great Fires in Glasgow
Publication Studio, Glasgow & Editions de l'école des arts visuels et médiatiques, Montreal
96 pages, 14.5 x 20.5 cm, 2017
Prototype, 50 copies.
pdf file

Tinderbox City. Great and Less Great Fires in Glasgow is a non-scientific, non-exhaustive micro-survey limited to 28 cases among many, many more. Based on newspaper articles or other documents, the project aims at questioning how the sites of these disasters have changed in time, and usually how the memory of these fires is obviously absent from their current form.
All the fires that have been excluded, whether the artist decided to ignore them, did not have access to reliable sources, or merely didn’t know about them, will feature in the more extensive survey that might be conducted one day. For now, this modest enterprise will be limited to 28 fires, ranging from the Great Fire of 1652 to the School of Art blaze in 2014.

Most cities have had great or less great fires that scarred and shaped them forever - whether physically or in their collective psyche. Fire is a disastrous, destructive, and frightening event, yet it allows urban regeneration and rebirth. Glasgow, for many reasons, has had so many fires that the fact became part of its public image. Chief among these many  reasons are the dense and flammable city fabric inherited from the 19th century, and the very common repurposing of old buildings, which makes them perpetually unsuitable for the activities they shelter, and lethal for the people who work or live in them. In addition, the state seems unable to protect listed buildings, as some of them have been left to burn, rot, and were then demolished as unsafe.

Notre histoire book

Notre histoire || Our History
Galerie de l'UQAM, Montreal
156 pages, 20 x 12.5 cm, 2014
Graphic design: Raymond Lanctot
In English and French
Distribution ABC Art Books Canada

A documentation of the poll that initiated Notre histoire || Our History, which ambitioned to sound the soul of Quebec on the identity issue. In addition to a foreword by Louise Dery and a project diary by Michael Blum, the book contains the answers of 86 respondents, ranging from mini-essays to sharp one-liners, to the following questions:

What is Quebec for you?
How would you explain the difference between Canada and Quebec to a foreigner?
If a museum had to preserve the history of the differences between Canada and Quebec, how would you envision it?
How do you see the relations between Canada and Quebec within two or three generations?
What common language other than English or French could we use?


D.A. - A Transdisciplinary Handbook of Design Anthropology
Edited by Yana Milev
Peter Lang Publishing, 1299 pages, 23.6 x 17 x 7.1 cm, 2013
In English

With contributions by Tom Holert, Jean Baudrillard, Marc Bijl, Gregor Schneider, Boris Groys, Alexander Kluge, Armin Linke, Molly Nestbit, Chantal Mouffe, Oliver Marchart, Pierre Bourdieu, Brian Holmes, Hal Foster, Ü, Michael Blum, Paul Virilio, Peter Weibel, Jacques Rancière, Irit Rogoff, Giorgio Agamben and many more.

“D.A.” represents a cultural science handbook of “Design Anthropology”, providing an epistemology, phenomenology and survey of the varieties of the extended concept of design. Here the design concept is placed at the centre of the nexus of meaning of cultural production that rests on the three pillars Segno, Mythus and Techne. Anthropological design research is trans- disciplinary, developing in the connexion between Visual Culture (signal, in/visibility, image/void, imagination, representation), Doing Culture (act, cooperation, relation, fabrication, exchange), Material Culture (object, artefact, thing, facing, texture), Knowledge Culture (techniques, practices, norms, beliefs, values), Narrative Culture (mythology, significance, meaning, memory, identity), Critical Culture (watching, criterion, antagonism, crisis, theory) and Aesthetic Culture (emotion, sentiment, taste, feel, sense). It is only against this background that the complex anthropological dimension of Design Culture can be understood, extending far beyond the horizon of a design science concept of design, industry-near design thinking and marketing, or a product-oriented concept of manufacture. “Design Anthropology” is the research field of the “Coming Community”, which has been founded here with a “D.A.” fraternity of more than 100 contributions, partners and friends.
Through “D.A.” Yana Milev has formulated the theoretical and curatorial foundation for an extended concept of design that she has been representing and practicing since the 1990th in the context of the arts, rendering it now as “Anthropo Design”.

         cover Ciao Ghatoul

Catalogue, 16 pages, FRAC Pays de la Loire/F, 2012
Includes 'You Are A Cannon', essay by Galit Eilat in Hebrew, Arabic, English and French.

beshinui aderet, gveret akheret

BESHINUY ADERET, GVERET AKHERET (with different clothes, it's a different lady)
Perpetual calendar, 14 p., B/W, 30 x 48.5 cm, 2008  
Design by Michal Sahar and Koby Levy.
Commissioned by Beit Hatefutsot, Tel Aviv, for the exhibition NEVER LOOKED BETTER, curated by Galit Eilat and Eyal Danon.
Edition 2000 

Based on the Herbert and Leni Sonnenfeld collection hosted by Beit Hatefutsot, the calendar boils down the entire collection of 200.000 photographs to 13 images, offering an alternative reading of the Zionist narrative. The calendar is given out for free to museum visitors, and will hopefully infiltrate many kitchens, offices, and waiting rooms in Israel.

Mein Land  

96 p., B/W, 14 x 20.5 cm, 2008 
Published by Unrast Verlag, Munster/DE
Edition 1500 
ISBN 978-3-89771-478-6 

Published in Czech by Faculty of Art and Design, Purkyne University, Usti nad Labem/CZ, 2008

With the implementation of drastic national and EU immigration policies, life for undocumented migrants in Europe has become a daily nightmare. Fueled by populistic discourse and translated into law, the fear of the foreigner is reaching a new currency. With yearly figures as guideline, there seems to be no other option than deport as many people as possible, regardless of their situation. 

Inspired by daily reports of deportations of 'sans-papiers', Mein Land unravels the terrifying litany of destinies crushed and lifes broken in the name of legality and democracy.

Cape Town - Stockholm cover

210 p., B/W, 16 x 22 cm, with Audio CD, 2007
Published by Mobile Art Production & Propexus, Stockholm/SE
Design Mattias Givell
Edition 1200 
English and Swedish
ISBN 978-91-87952-46-3


Bookworks, London/UK & Project Arts Center, Dublin/IRL
Edited by Grant Watson, Gerrie van Noord & Gavin Everall, 2006 
ISBN 1 870699 93 9

Communism is routinely defined as defeated and its conquest the subject of regular celebration. Caught in the disappointment and negative connotations of the past, it has become all but unthinkable. Make Everything New seeks to rescue the idea of Communism from this trap. Collaborating with artists, writers and collectives, this project has commissioned and collected counter-narratives, abstract and unrealistic ideas, engaged political commentary and satirical work, that presents neither an historical or comprehensive overview nor a requiem for the past. It is a collection of partial and subjective accounts of various creative practices, an experimental platform for ideas and an attempt to see in what ways the communist imagination can be materialised as art.

Contributors include: 16Beaver, Gopal Balakrishnan, Michael Blum, AA Bronson, Maria Eichorn, Factotum, Dmitry Gutov, Wu Ming, Aleksandra Mir, Sarah Pierce/The Metropolitan Complex, CK Rajan, Raqs Media Collective, Dont Rhine, Martha Rosler, Rob Stone, Alberto Toscano, and Klaus Weber.

la derniere breve

72 pages, B/W, 16 x 22,5 cm, 2005 
Centre d'art contemporain La synagogue de Delme/F
Revolver-Archiv für aktuelle Kunst, Frankfurt/D
Design Digital Baobab, Lyon/F
Edition 700French and English
ISBN 3-86588-190-4 (Revolver)
ISBN 2-9522123-1-7 (Synagogue de Delme)

A documentation of the project carried out in the pages
of regional daily Le Republicain Lorrain, Metz/F.

monument book

224 pages, B/W, 15 x 18 cm, 2005 
English, German and French
        Edition 1000
        ISBN 3-86588-047-9
        Revolver-Archiv für aktuelle Kunst, Frankfurt/D
A project about history, memory discourse, commemoration culture, heritage management, city-branding, controversy and more. Includes contributions by (a.o.) Arahmaiani, Brett Bloom, Erhard Busek, Yves Chaudouet, Jean-Francois Chevrier, Jacques Chirac, Noam Chomsky, Kimberley Cornish, Carola Dertnig, Thomas Duschlbauer, Stephen Feinstein, Robert Fleck, Karl Iro Goldblat, Erich Haider, Daniela Hammer-Tugendhat, Frank Hartmann, Thomas Hirschhorn, Detlef Hoffmann, Nabila Irshaid, Willibald Katzinger, Susan Kelly, Pierre Leguillon, Ken Lum, Thomas Michelon, Simon Morris, Sina Najafi, Marylene Negro, Gregor Neuerer, Jenny Perlin, Olivier Poivre d’Arvor, Wolfgang Preisinger, Franz Prieler, Elsa Prochazka, Josef Puehringer, Paul Rajakovics, Gerald Raunig, Julian Samuel, Christine Schoepf, Wolfgang Schuessel, Esther Shalev-Gerz, Erich Watzl, Lawrence Weiner, Lesley Young; as well as an essay by Stella Rollig and an interview of Michael Blum by Steven Nyanga.

Audio-CD and booklet 8 pages, color-B/W, 2002 
Edition 500
Audio in Dutch, booklet in English
Published by Michael Blum & Amsterdams fonds voor de kunst, Amsterdam/NL

Soundtrack and documentation of the public installation.

64 pages, full color, 24 x 29 cm
1st run 2001, 2nd run 2002
Edition 2 x 1000
ISBN 2-9515349-1-4
Published by Michael Blum & Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam/NL

A visual exploration of the paradigm of loss. Free distribution in waiting-rooms worldwide, on-going. 

48 pages, full color, 16 x 17,5 cm, 2000
Edition 1000 
English and French
ISBN 2-9515349-0-6 
Published by Michael Blum
Distributed by De Balie, Amsterdam (Netherlands & Belgium) and IDEA books, Amsterdam/NL

'An amazing journey into corporate culture'  - The Financial Times
'A moving testimony about the future  of mankind' - The New York Times
'La renovacion de la economia política  ya tiene su monumento' - El Pais
'Un livre a diffuser d'urgence dans les  ecoles et les entreprises' - Le Monde
'A beautifully illustrated glimpse of  transglobal life-style' - Vanity Fair
'Ein herrlicher Blick auf den Kapitalismus'  - Bild Zeitung
'When free-trade becomes a fairy tale'  - South China Morning Post
'Le liberalisme mis a nu. Rudement epatant !' - Le Nouvel Observateur
'Een zonderlinge reis naar de beurs'  - NRC Handelsblad
'The shareholder's Bible' - Newsweek
'The best since Marx' -

Booklet 8 pages, B/W, 21 x 16 cm, 1997
Edition 700 

Published by Michael Blum & Le Grand Wazoo, Amiens/F
Part of installation