B L U M O L O G Y . N E T



From Away
Series of photographs, 2020

L'underground a la loupe
Installation, 3 unsynchronized projections, 2018
Artexte, Montreal

Psychics IX: Yvonne Lillie, Glasgow
HD Video, 32 mn, 2017

The Swap
HD Video, 33 mn, 2016
Produced by La biennale de Montreal & One Fifty Productions

Remorial Arnhem
Installation in public space
Sonsbeek '16, Arnhem, 2016

Harper dégage (Canadian Landscape)
Silver slide framing tape on canvas, 10 x 12 cm, 2015

Palazzo Chupi
Mixed-media installation, 2008-2015

Notre histoire || Our History
Mixed-media installation and publication, 2014

War and Peace
Installation, 2014
VOX - centre de l'image contemporaine, Montreal

Cavale au Canada
HD video, 85 mn, 2013

Roger Knobelspiess
HD video, 6 mn 55, 2013

Pacific Sun - A Digressive Investigation
Lecture-performance, 20 mn, 2013

Faktories und Felder
Video, 42 mn, 2012
Produced by One Fifty Productions, in association with the Israeli Center for Digital Art

Capri in Tangerang (Her Sneakers)
Video, 45 mn, 2011
Produced by One Fifty Productions, in association with ruangrupa, Jakarta

Oriental Dream
Video, 7 mn 30, 2010
In collaboration with Damir Niksic
Charlie Marx and the Chocolate Factory
Video, 27 mn 17, 2009
Psychics VIII : Debra Huelsebusch & Marion Hedger, New York 
Video, 82 mn, 2009
Psychics VII : Michael van Olffen, Rotterdam
Video, 59 mn 14 sec, 2008
Psychics VI : Ismini Tsavelidou, Vienna
Video, 21 mn 15 sec, 2008
Psychics V: Farusha, New York
Video, 33 mn 36 sec, 2008
Exodus 2048
Mixed-media installation, 2008
Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven/NL
New Museum, New York
The State of Things II
Mixed-media installation, 2008
ISCP, New York
The Rumor (Or How Samantha Fox Helped Cacak Reach Fame)
Mixed media installation, 2007 
24. Nadezda Petrovic Memorial, Cacak/SRB
Ciao Ghatoul
Video 14 mn and wallpaper, 2007. Catalogue

Cape Town - Stockholm (On Thembo Mjobo) 
Book and radio piece, 2007
Produced by Mobile Art Production, Stockholm, in collaboration with SRc Radio and Propexus

Frequent Flyer Sneakers
Pair of sneakers, airline and luggage tags, 2007

Istiklal Allee
Installation, 11 posts with 2 x 7 street signs each, 2006
Heinestrasse, Vienna

The Three Failures
Video-installation, video 22 mn 04 sec, 2006
Produced in collaboration  with  the Latvian Center for Contemporary Art, Riga;
Rooseum, Malmö;  Forum Stadtpark & Steirischer Herbst, Graz.
Poster, 84 x 118 cm, 2005

Lippmann, Rosenthal & Co.
Mixed-media installation, 2006
De Appel, Amsterdam

Psychics IV: Sally Degener-Porter, Amsterdam
Video, 20 mn, 2006

Psychics III: Frans Dupont, Malmo
Video, 39 mn 40, 2006

Suburbia Without Borders
Poster, 14 x 48 feet, 2005
Clockshop, Los Angeles
The Swoosh and the Sickle
Installation, 2006
3rd Tirana biennial

A Tribute to Safiye Behar
Mixed-media installation, 2005
9th Istanbul biennial

20 Minutes with Melik Tutuncu
Video, 20 mn 18, 2005
9th Istanbul biennial, Istanbul

72 Years
Series of 23 photographs, 29 x 21.7 cm, 2005
Psychics II: Janet Jelet, Chicago
Video, 22 mn 42, 2005

Old boys and toys
Video, 39 mn 33, 2005

Monument to the Birth of the 20th Century
Campaign, exhibition, publication, 2004-05
O.K Centrum fuer Gegenwartskunst, Linz/A
Revolver-Archiv fuer aktuelle Kunst, Frankfurt/D

       La derniere breve
Series of interventions in daily paper 'Le Republicain Lorrain' (Metz/F), 2004
In cooperation with Le centre d'art la synagogue de Delme/F

Travelling Retrospective
Open studio, 2004
Atelier de Lindre-Basse/F

La Republique de la Salicorne (phalanstere castel-salinois)
Creation of a new state, 2004
Collaboration with Philippe Lepeut and agricultural high school students, Chateau-Salins/F

Upside Town (White Skin, Black Mask)
Photo-montage, 6 7/8 x 9 inches, 2004
Social Text, Duke University Press/US
17 Aandbloem Street
Video, 57 mn, 2004
Produced in collaboration with Very Real Time (Cape Town) and Merv Brazinski Productions
Collection MNAM-Centre Georges-Pompidou, Paris
Psychics I: Melanie Perfect, Cape Town
Video, 49 mn 40, 2003
Produced in collaboration with Very Real Time (Cape Town) and Merv Brazinski Productions

Suomenlinna - a compressed history
Video, 04 mn 17, 2003

America Rewind
Video, 04 mn 15, 2003
Collection MNAM-Centre Georges-Pompidou, Paris

potlatch.doc <printed matter for waiting rooms>
Book 64 pages, full-colour, 240 x 290 mm, ISBN 2-9515349-1-4, 1st run 2001, 2nd run 2002
Free distribution on-going

Dear Tom
Video, 12 mn 30, 2002

«4OO jaar zonder graf, dan heb je lang gezwegen» - (4OO years without a grave is a long time to shut up)
Tombstone and sound system, soundtrack 9 mn in loop, 2002
Commissioned by Amsterdams fonds voor de kunst, Amsterdam

Piete, proprete et ponctualite font la force d'une bonne affaire
Installation, 10 posts and 5 strips, variable dimensions, 2002
Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris
LABORINTO_the labour of making decisions
180 construction fences and 33 aluminium labels, 28 x 60 m, 2002
Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Torino/I

My Sneakers
Video & installation, 37 mn 30, 2001
Produced in collaboration with ruangrupa, Jakarta
Collection MNAM-Centre Georges-Pompidou, Paris
The Three Philosophers
Installation, 3 video-loops (1 hour each) on monitors, 2001
Collection MNAM-Centre Georges-Pompidou, Paris

Unlimited videoloop, 2001

The State of Things
Studio display, 04.04.2001

Los Mutantes / The Language Course / Berlitz Express
Video, 30 mn, 2001
Collaboration with Carlos Amorales and NGO El Caracol, Mexico City, 2000
Save Our Souls
Series of cartoons, 2001

Homo Oeconomicus
Installation comprising 2 video-projections (Homo conomicus (defile) & Wandering Marxwards),
2 slide-projections (Wipplingerstrasse 14, 1901 & 1999), a pixelboard and a reading room, 2000

Homo Oeconomicus (defile)
Video projection, 8 mn in loop, 2000
Original soundtrack Anders Mansson & Krako (Hamburg/Amsterdam)

Intervention in Der Standard (Vienna), with Museum in Progress, 30.11.2000
Expect The World
Video, 8 mn 20, 1999
Produced in collaboration with Icono (Paris)
Prix du FRAC Ile-de-France/F, 1999

Wandering Marxwards
Video, 19 mn 23, 1999
Produced in collaboration with the Banff Centre for the Arts/CND
Collection MNAM-Centre Georges-Pompidou, Paris; Depot, Vienna

Translocal Poll
E-mail based project in collaboration with Sharla Sava (Vancouver), David Thorne (New York),
Margarita Paksa (Buenos Aires), Sabine Bitter + Helmut Weber (Vienna) and Nurit Melamed (Tel Aviv), 1999

Installation, shopping center, Ivry-sur-Seine/F, 1998

Tales of Britain
Installation, 5 projectors with 80 slides each, back-projection screen, 1998
Collection Ville de Beauvais/F

Colour photograph, variable size, 1998

La salle des temps perdus
Waiting room and booklet, 1997

Un rude hiver
Video installation, 2 unlimited loops, 1997

L'homme de la rue
Billboard, 80 x 60 cm, in N°5, Casa Factori, Marseille/F, 1997
Self-Portrait as a British Jew
Duratrans and lightbox, 100 x 126 cm, 1997

The Network / Le Reseau / Das Netz
Series of 78 interventions in public spaces in France, Germany and the UK, unrealized book, 1992-97
De deux choses l'une
Installation, painted words and black ribbon, variable dimensions, 1996

Virtual Actions
On-line work, 1996
Initially on www.icono.org
C'est la vie
Super 8/video, 10 mn 30, 1996
Brain Preserve
Jam jar, brain, formoldrehyde, 10 x 6 x 6 cm, 1995
La soupe philosophale
Colour photograph, 76 x 101 cm, 1995
10 mn videoloop on vertical monitor, board with 44 keys, variable dimensions, 1994
Collection Fonds national d'art contemporain, Paris
Km 13 131.3
B/W photograph, 27 x 28 cm, 1994
Le tour du monde en 60 secondes
Video, 1 mn, 1993
Choses a recuperer chez Milena (a l'exception des meubles, de l'aspirateur et des rideaux,
qui seront repris lors d'un demenagement ulterieur)
Video, 11 mn, 1992
Colour photograph, 50 x 64 cm, 1993

Fraxinus Excelsior
B/W photograph, 77 x 92 cm, 1991